Ethics Guidelines

Members of the Neshama: Association of Jewish Chaplains (NAJC) are expected to act in an ethical manner consistent with the highest principles of Judaism and to affirm and respect the dignity and worth of every human being created in the divine image (tzelem Elohim). This is particularly our responsibility towards our clients, co-workers, and colleagues.

Membership in our organization requires submission of a formal “Statement of Accountability for Ethical Conduct.” Completion of this form attests to the individual chaplain’s acceptance of the “NAJC Code of Ethics,” which was approved by our general membership in the Fall of 2003.

This requirement for NAJC members was recommended by the Joint Task Force on Ethical Standards for Professional Chaplaincy and embraced by our sister organizations. The joint task force, representing six professional chaplaincy associations in North America, is dedicated to articulating the highest ethical standards for professional chaplaincy and to promoting our mutual accountability for upholding those standards as organizations and as individuals. This requirement affirms our acceptance of that responsibility as an organization and as individual chaplains.

For more information on our ethics guidelines and requirements, please download and read our Code of Professional Ethics document.