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Yomei Iyyun: Special Learning / Day-Long Meetings
  • American Red Cross Training
    Ongoing sessions 3-4 times annually
    Location & dates to be determined
Recent Presentations
Conversation Project
Chevruta studies
  • Healing Parashat haShavua Torah Reflections series
    Print or download Torah Reflections at
    Contact: Rabbi Natan Fenner, (415) 750-4129 or
  • Institute for Jewish Spirituality mindfulness/Chasidic text study
    Join in the expanding circle of those who share in the profound and spiritually uplifting world of Torah study with the Institute for Jewish Spirituality. Join us in mining these sources for useful and powerful teachings, informed by a contemplative, mindfulness based approach.
    Contact: Rabbi Jonathan Slater, (212) 913-9198 or
NAJC peer support group
JPE (Jewish Pastoral Education)
  • Participant-led periodic meetings of all Jewish chaplains in a metro area to learn and support each other by sharing didactics, verbatims and other items of interest
    Contact: Debra Flitter,

Jewish higher education and seminaries

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