Apply for NAJC Membership

NAJC welcomes all who share in the vision, mission and goals of the organizations. Interested persons may choose to join and support either as a professional member (regular, certified, or retired); a student, Israeli, or military member; or as a general member.

Membership categories and criteria may be found in the Member Categories section.

All members receive the NAJC mailings (including the Newsletter) and may attend the NAJC Annual Convention and other meetings as convened.

Regluar, certified, and retired members only are eligible to vote or hold office in NAJC. These members also receive access to the members-only section of this site and membership discussion forums.

To apply for membership with NAJC, please complete the following online forms:

  • Click here to see current dues for each category and to complete your online membership application for NAJC.
  • Click here to complete the online NAJC Ethics Form.

In order for consider your membership application, BOTH forms above must be completed and include all information requested. Contact the NAJC office should you have any questions.