Membership Categories

We invite you to join NAJC. We will learn and share together our collective wisdom and experience in such areas as hospital visitations, hospice, patient/family crisis intervention, contemporary clinical Jewish bioethics, and bereavement counseling. All members receive our newsletter, professional journal, NAJC mailings, invitations to national conferences and regional y’mei iyun (study days), and information about CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) — professional chaplaincy training opportunities and residencies. When you join NAJC, you will become our partner and a supporter of professional Jewish chaplaincy. Please join us!

NAJC welcomes all who share in the vision, mission and goals of the organizations. Interested persons may choose to join and support either as a Member or as a Supporter.

Only Certified, Professional, and Retired members are eligible to vote or hold office in NAJC. Professional members also receive access to the members-only section of the website.

NAJC Membership Categories and Criteria

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Professional Member

  • is a duly ordained rabbi, duly ordained/invested cantor, or Jewish lay professional
  • has advanced Jewish education
  • has chaplaincy training (in a recognized program or under appropriate supervision)
  • has advanced secular education — bachelors level or the equivalent
  • Annual dues between $300-$700, depending upon salary
Monthly Annual

Certified Member

  • meets all the requirements of a professional member
  • has been at the professional member level for at least twelve (12) consecutive months prior to certification
  • has fulfilled the NAJC certification requirements as approved by the NAJC Certification Commission
  • has been issued a certification number
  • meets all annual education requirements as determined by the Continuing Education Committee
  • Annual dues between $300-$700, depending upon salary
Monthly Annual

Retired Member

  • was a professional member of the NAJC, in good standing for at least one (1) year
  • is currently retired
  • Annual dues of $50

Student Member

  • is a full-time or part-time rabbinic or cantorial student
  • is a Jewish lay student in a full-time chaplaincy program
  • Annual dues of $54

Military Member

  • Must be on active duty or a drilling reservist. Military members who are regular or certified members pay regular or certified member dues accordingly
  • Annual dues of $54

Israeli Member

  • An Israeli member resides in Israel and supports the aims of the organization with a special focus on the development of spiritual professional spiritual care and chaplaincy in Israel
  • Annual dues of $36
Monthly Annual

General Member

  • supports the aims of NAJC, but is not eligible to be a professional member
  • Annual dues of $125

Non-Profit Supporter

  • An opportunity for your organization to support the work of NAJC in providing professional, Jewish chaplains.
  • Annual dues of $180